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We’re coming up on our first three weeks of Open Shelter here at the Phinney Ridge Men’s Shelter. We reached our capacity of 20 men about three days ago. We are limiting the number this year so that we may provide better care and oversight for the men, the workers, and the neighbors. People have been generous with donations of food and clothing. We are well stocked for now. But of course someone needs to serve the food and distribute socks and coats and socks, and socks, to the men. A volunteer sign up schedule is available at Emmanuel’s web site as well as Mosaic’s. See more information on volunteering at: http://emmanuelphinneyridge.org/mens-shelter/volunteer-schedule/

Mitch Arnold is back this year as the lead UGM overnight staff person and we also have Marcus and Dan on staff with UGM as well. Nate Lanting and Brian Byersdorf are supervising the staff, and they are all good men.

If you’re worried about what it’s like serving in the Shelter, I’d be glad to serve with you. It’s safe place to get to know someone who you might not ever talk to out on the street. That works both ways.

Next Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we have Brian (UGM staff) bringing his church group, Central Community Church, in to serve dinner in our kitchen and talk to the men.

The past week at the Shelter has been taken with the illness of one of our best loved guests. Robert, who you may remember visited a business meeting at Emmanuel, and some church services, is in ICU at Swedish Hospital fighting for his life. There are multiple problems. He has a breathing tube and is sedated heavily. Robert lost his wife a few years ago and has a daughter in the area we are still trying to reach. Several of the men at the Shelter have been going to see him in the hospital every day even though Robert can’t respond. Still, I think he knows someone is there. That’s often all that is really needed. Just to know that someone cares about you.

That’s the Shelter News for this week. Ben Paul



Please pray for Robert as he is struggling with health problems.

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