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Shelter News 7
It’s been a week of mixed emotions at The Phinney Ridge Men’s Shelter. I had four days off in a row thanks to outstanding work by the Capitol Hill Community Church (CCC). And it wasn’t only Richard the Roaster and his gourmet cooking. (When a man says he doesn’t mind leftovers at all four days after the original, then you know the original must have been good.) Others from the CCC rendered “service as unto the Lord.” I came back to a clean kitchen packed with a variety of leftovers which we have made a serious and glad dent in these last two days.
Perhaps you noticed the front page of the Times this week. Homelessness is growing in Seattle just as fast as the rest of the city. People tend to not know much about it until they have to walk past people sleeping on the foot bridge from the ferry boats. Our mayor would like to do something to help. His idea is more tent cities. A tent can be much better than nothing. A little over three years ago there was a flood in tent city and people started showing up on our doorstep here at Emmanuel. When one person shows up you can buy them lunch and pray for them. When ten people show up you need to clear a space and get organized because God is giving you a ministry, a real way to show the love of Jesus.
On a sad note our friend who stayed with us all of last year, and several of you got to know and pray for, Robert, passed away from heart failure we think. A strong thank you to Swedish Hospital for spending so much effort with Robert. And thanks to our men who visited Robert in the hospital. Robert was a gentle soul. A man who was easy to like.
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